The UltraSound Home Inspection Process
  1. Structural Components
    Your Ultrasound home inspector will thoroughly inspect the structural integrity of the foundation and framing of the house or building that you are buying. We inspect every visible feature of the homes structure from the floor to the ceiling to help insure our customers that the house they are purchasing will be a sturdy and reliable house for years to come. We will fully inspect accessible crawlspaces and basements and our well trained inspectors can often identify signs of previous water damage or flooding issues that the home may have had in the past.
  2. Exterior Components
    During the inspection we will scan the homes exterior and search for signs of defects and insect damage done to the building's siding, exterior doors, walkways, eaves, soffits and more. We can also inspect any and all garages, patios and decks on the property and do our best to describe to our customers all of the positive and the negative attributes that we discover. We also explain to our clients techniques they can use to extend the life expectancy of the properties features.
  3. Roofing
    During the Ultrasound Inspection, we do our best to estimate the age of the roof and give you an estimate on the life expectancy of the roofing material. We will inspect the condition of the roof's structural components, skylights, chimneys and vent pipes, checking that they were properly installed and do not leak.
  4. Plumbing
    Your Ultrasound home inspector will test your homes water pressure and inspect the plumbing connections and venting systems. We will check that all the toilets, sub pumps, sinks, plumbing fixtures and faucets are working correctly and do not leak. During the inspection, the water heater will also be evaluated to ensure it is installed and working properly and has all the required safety components.
  5. Electrical
    During your homes electrical inspection, your inspector will check that the house has been properly wired. Your inspector will check your homes main panel and sub panels for defects. Your inspector will inspect a represented number of outlets, and confirm the correct GFCI and AFCI outlets were installed in all of the structures bathrooms and bedrooms.
  6. Heating Systems & Fireplaces
    Your Ultrasound home inspector will inspect the condition and efficiency of the structures heating system and fireplaces. We make sure that the heating system and fireplaces are equipped with all of the correct safety equipment and have the proper clearances. We check that each room of the house is being properly supplied with heat and that the duct work in the home is properly connected and vented. We also take the time to explain to our clients how the heating system functions, and make sure it has been properly maintenanced.
  7. Air Conditioning
    When inspecting the structures A/C, we will inspect the air conditioning system and make sure its components are working and installed correctly. We inspect the A/C units drainage system making sure that any hazardous condensation that is being produced is being properly disposed of. We will also provide our clients an estimate of the units remaining life expectancy.
  8. Interior and Appliances
    Our inspectors will inspect the structures interior walls, ceilings and floors and check that the doors in the house are installed and working correctly. We will also inspect all the appliances in the home including microwaves, ranges, dishwashers, trash compactors, garbage disposals, washing machines and dryers. We make sure all appliances have been properly installed.
  9. Insulation Values
    Another important step we take is checking the structures insulation levels in the attic, basements, crawlspaces and exposed exterior walls. Our inspectors can then recommend upgrades that could be made to save you money down the road on your utility bills. We will also check the home for types of insulation which may contain asbestos or other harmful materials.


Every UltraSound Inspector is equipped with a thermal image camera. This allows our inspectors to locate defects that are concealed behind walls, ceilings, or roofing materials that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye. The cameras also detect cold air infiltrating your home due to improper insulation or caulking which can help lower your energy costs.

Missing Insulation Behind The Wall On A Hot Day



More Ways UltraSound Home Inspections Can Help...
  • UltraSound Home Inspections likes to save our clients time and money and want to help in everyway possible. We work with contractors and technicians that can run diagnostic tests on your heating and cooling systems who can sometimes be present at the inspection.
  • We offer UltraSound add-ons such as pest inspections, winterizing sprinkler systems, gas leak checks, chimney sweeps, sewer scopes, septic tank inspections, pool inspections and more! In addition our on call engineer can help answer many structual questions that our customers have. UltraSound can also run your new property through the EDR data base which checks to see if that area has had any environmental issues in the past.
  • Our inspectors are always available 7 days a week and every UltraSound client receives free phone support for life! We also give our customers a seasonal maintenence booklet to help them keep their new home in pristine condition year round. 

UltraSound home inspectors follow the ASHI standards of practice when performing home inspections. To view further details about what is included in your UltraSound Home Inspection please click on the link below.