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Just don't take our word for it, read what a few of our UltraSound customers had to say about their UltraSound Home Inspection experience.
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    I hired UltraSound Home Inspections to inspect the home I was buying and they did a great job! Conly was very thorough while inspecting my home and the inspection report was very descriptive. The defects that Conly found saved us $1200 during negotiations and even the repairman complemented his report and said it was rare to see a report so descriptive. Thank you Conly and good luck with the baby!
    Doug and Katelyn May
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    I hired UltraSound Home Inspections to inspect my home when I moved to Broomfield from New York. Conly did an excellent job inspecting my house and the inspection report was very descriptive. He even took the time to stop by after I moved in and explained the report to me in person. I highly recommend using UltraSound Home Inspections for any type of inspection that you need and thanks again for doing a great job.
    Brian Mongada
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    Thank you Conly and UltraSound Home Inspections for inspecting my new home! Conly did a great job explaining the problems that he found to me and he even helped me find contractors to do the repairs. I definitely plan on using UltraSound Home Inspections when buying my next house.
    Natalie and Ken Dubbs
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    We got lucky by finding UltraSound Home Inspections! Our realtor referred an inspector to us that was a friend of theirs but 2 days before the inspection that inspector cancelled. A coworker had given me UltraSound Home Inspections information and Conly inspected our house. He did a great job inspecting our home and we had our report in less than 24 hours. Thank you Conly and UltraSound Home Inspections for doing an amazing job on such short notice!
    Pedro and Ashley Bermudez
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    Great inspection company! I hired UltraSound Home Inspections to inspect my house before I listed it on the market. He saved me time and money by pointing out the problems he discovered and then explaining to me different options I had about making repairs. This gave me the time and the know how to make some repairs myself and with the Lowes coupon I received from UltraSound Home Inspections it made the inspection free! I had never heard of a Pre Listing Inspection before but after this experience I would suggest to anyone that is selling their home to get one. Thanks again and great job UltraSound Home Inspections.
    Frank Ross
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    Great job UltraSound Home Inspections! My husband and I hired UltraSound Home Inspections to inspect the home that we were buying. Our inspector was very thorough and discovered many issues that weren't in the listings disclosure which saved us money during negotiations. Since we are new to Denver and didn't know any reliable contractors our inspector took the time to help us find contractors we could trust and even came back to the house to ensure they did a good job. Now thats what I call quality customer service! Thank you UltraSound Home Inspections and good luck with the new baby!
    Robert and Faith Plant
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    I am not the type of person that normally writes reviews but I can't thank UltraSound Home Inspections enough for their help. Conly inspected the house I was buying and he saved me almost $10K when he discovered that the brand new roof on the home was installed incorrectly. Conly is a great home inspector and I plan on referring his services to everyone I know!
    Alex Thomas
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    Great job Conly and UltraSound Home Inspections! After the last home inspection that I had gotten done when I bought my first house I almost didn't even bother getting a home inspection this time. My realtor insisted though and referred UltraSound Home Inspections to me and I couldn't be more pleased with the job they did. Thank you
    Brian Cox
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    UltraSound Home Inspections is the best! My husband and I hired Conly to inspect our home and he was amazing! He helped us learn how to use all of the components found in our new home and showed us a few features that the realtor and I didn't even know were there! Mike loves the handyman e-book that you sent him and the Lowes coupon will definitely come in handy too! Good luck with everything and thanks again!
    Betsey and Mike Davis
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    Thank you Conly and UltraSound Home Inspections for all of the wonderful work that you have done for me. I have been a realtor for 20 years and UltraSound Home Inspections is the best inspection company I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Their inspection reports are easy to read, their inspectors are very thorough, and most importantly I always know my clients are in good hands.
    Kathy Adams, Prudential Real Estate
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